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Lyudmila Vladimirovna Miller. Senior Lecturer, PhD. Graduated from St. Petersburg State University. The theme of her dissertation was: Original Home Reading of Russian Fiction Literature by Foreign Students as a Factor Improving Linguistic and Cultural Competence(1988). Her present field of research is reflection of national mentality in Russian language and literature and restoration of national artistic vision of the universe.

Olga Arkadyevna Lavrova. Senior Lecturer, PhD. since 1997. Graduated from St. Petersburg State University. Theme of her dissertation was: Functional Semantic Field of Objective Clause of Concession in Contemporary Russian Literature. Her present field of interest is grammar in its every aspect.

Yekaterina Popova. Russian philologist, graduated from St. Petersburg State University in 1989, Department of Russian as Foreign Language. Both her diploma and Doctorate Dissertations are dedicated to Marina Tsvetayeva. Professional interests: analysis of fiction writing, metaphor in fiction, Russian folklore, Russian literature of the first half of 19th century, the Silver Age, the Returned Literature, Russian Emigration, place St. Petersburg in Russian culture. She has developed master courses for Russian and foreign students dealing with every one of the above themes.

Lyudmila Politova. Ph.D. Dissertation theme: Literature text as a source of insight into the spoken language(1992). Professional interests: Russian colloquial speech, styles of writing.

Tatyana Yevgenyevna Milevskaya. Ph.D. Dissertation Themes: Means of Expression in Verbal Contact in Russian Language (The Question and Answer Complex in Popular Science Style)(1985) and Linguistic Peculiarities of Memoirs as a Genre (in progress) Research interests: peculiarities of non-fiction literature (memoirs, diaries and letters).

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