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Our programs have been specially developed for intensive courses of Russian language based on highly contemporary communicative methods. The goals to be achieved by applying the above methods include:

  • activating and improving previously obtained language skills
  • developing adequate speech reactions for standard communicative situations as well as
  • mastering new language material and forming new skills and abilities.

Program for Beginners was developed for foreign students starting to learn Russian for the first time. The primary goal to be achieved by this program is developing communicative language skills. On completion of this program a student will obtain language skills enabling him/her to communicate in situations provided for by the program. Skills and abilities obtained as a result of this course will lay a firm foundation for further improvement.

Basic Program was specially developed for four-week intensive course of Russian. According to this program, 4 hours of classes take place every day. Our program is not targeted at any specific native language and, therefore, it can be used with students of many different nationalities. The program was developed for students with middle-level language skills, however, it can be either minimized or extended, depending on your initial language level.

Business Program is absolutely essential for our foreign guests who want to develop their business in Russia successfully.

When you complete our course you will know the standard idioms of business language, you will also get acquainted with official forms and certificates and with the language of advertising. You will become able to speak about discounts, favourable terms, penalties, taxes, royalties, supplies, cheques, terms of payment, customs and a lot more other things necessary to conduct a successful business in Russia.

We will teach you to:

  • understand your Russian business partners;
  • lead business negotiations;
  • compose advertising texts;
  • draw up business papers.

Our Special Courses are for those students who are interested in culture, literature, history, economy and modern life of Russia. Our selection of topics is based on years of experience gained studying interests and priorities of our foreign students. It also appears to us that those topics reflect the peculiarities of modern Russian social consciousness.

Programs | Methods | Teachers | Schedule

Changes are Possible

Our programs should not be taken for dogmas. Preparing you for action is what they are all about. Together with your teacher you can always adjust lexical and grammar material to make it suit your specific purposes. Changes made to the program are possible and sometimes even necessary.

Please, Pay Attention

Dear economists, politicians and businessmen! Please, don't think that our Business Russian Course is only for those who speak fluent Russian. No matter what your current level of Russian may be, it will still allow you to learn the language structures typical for this sphere of communication. We are sure that you will master business Russian that will probably give you a chance to look at economic, political and social processes that take place in Russia from a slightly different angle.


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