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Teaching In this section you will learn how Russian is being taught at Alphabet Language School. Let us begin with a few general remarks. First: intensive study methods form the distinctive core of the policy we pursue at our courses. Second: our methods are based on the communicative approach. To find out more about our teaching methods, please look here.

As a rule, all the courses at Alphabet Language School take place in winter or in summertime. Group studies start according to the timetable that you can find here. Classes take place in the morning or in the evening. Maximum number of students in one group is 8 people. Course duration can be from 1 week and up to 10 months according to your wish. You may also book individual tuition that will take place according to a timetable convenient to you with all your wishes taken into account. For the time of their studies all our students are provided with textbooks and educational materials prepared by our specialists in educational methods. On completion of your studies you will be issued with a certificate or a state diploma.

The Right Choice

Achieving the desired results owes a lot to the right working approach. In the very first place, give a proper thought to the kind of studies (group classes or individual tuition) that would suit you best. Both have their own advantages and drawbacks. An individual course can be specially planned to meet your personal interests and requirements. Your tutor will organize his/her work taking into account not only your language skills, but your psychological type as well. Studying in a group gives you all the merits of communication brought close to reality and a wider range of role-play exercises. A lot can be discussed in a group: as the Russian proverb has it: The more heads - the more minds.


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