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St. Petersburg

We do not attempt to give you a detailed description of St. Petersburg in this section and it doesn't bear the name of The Most Authoritative Guide This issue is being properly dealt with by a number of good Internet facilities and we will give you links to them. It is there that you will find detailed information about our city that will be of great interest to tourists and travelers who choose to explore St. Petersburg and its vicinities on their own. As an educational institution, we give our students and guests all the necessary assistance: you will not have to worry about your accommodation, meals, trips, cultural program and other problems that can take so much of your precious time. We will take care of everything to make you feel at ease both in our classes and out in the streets. Still you will need some essential information to feel independent. How do you get it? Here are 4 ways you can follow:

  1. The essential information for foreign student (tourist) intending to visit St. Petersburg can be found in this website.
  2. Anything that is not of life importance but is still very useful can be found through the links that we have specially selected for you.
  3. If there are still some questions that you could not find answers to on the Internet you can always put them to us using our guestbook or e-mail address.
  4. If you are already in St. Petersburg and facing some problems - never hezitate to contact our Administration straight away.

This section contains answers to the following questions:

Location | Climate | Accomodation | Food | Transport | Culture | Money | Communication | Security | Links | Information
Please note

76 per cent of foreign guests who visited our city dream of coming back here one day. 52 per cent of those who have never been to St. Petersburg intend to visit it in the nearest 2 or 3 years. The data comes from sociological surveys by BBC, ABC and People Magazine.

300 years old

In 2003 St. Petersburg will selebrate the birthday. It will be delightful and amazing


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