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Our students

To be granted a Visa to enter the Russian Federation you will need an invitation by a private person, an official body or a travel company that will be responsible for you throughout your stay in the country.

There exists a whole lot of invitations of different kinds depending on terms and aims of your visit to Russia.

The most common of them are those issued with a travel company or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you are coming to study with our School, we can provide you with an invitation issued with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID). The number of re-entries and expiry date provided for in a given invitation and the time it takes to issue vary greatly. The fee collected for this service is between US$45 and US$120. For more details please

The price for this service also includes the registration of your stay in the Russian Federation. The registration is nothing but a formal procedure meant to make sure that you are not lost somewhere on vast territory of Russia but, on the contrary, safely located somewhere like St. Petersburg. All that is needed to proceed with your official registration includes your passport and your Visa that you have to give to a member of our staff for no longer than 10 days.

Invitation | Transfer | Accomodation
Cultural programme

The registration can only be performed no later than in three day's time from the moment you cross Russian State Border therefore, please, be so kind to address a member of our staff for registration as soon as possible. Otherwise a penalty has to be paid.


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