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Our students

When you book a language course at Alphabet Language School you can also order accommodation of your choice. How would you like to spend your time in our city?

1. Staying with a Family

Do you want to see the everyday life of ordinary Russians and have a great opportunity to practice your Russian? Then the ideal solution will be staying with a family that has been specially selected beforehand to suit your requirements. In this case you will have to answer a number of questions before you leave for Russia:

  • What is your attitude to pets?
  • Are you allergic to anything?
  • Do you have any special food preferences or follow any specific diet?
  • Do you have any special wishes?
  • Do you smoke?

Our families have been specially selected by us and many of them cooperate with Alphabet Language School for years. All the apartments are located close to Metro stations - no more than a 5- or 10- minute walk away. In every apartment you will find all the necessary conveniences: hot water, shower, clean sheets.

Every student lives in a separate room with everything necessary for creative life inside: a comfortable bed, a wardrobe, a working desk. Two meals a day are also included - please see for details.

  • Homely atmosphere.
  • Every opportunity to practice your Russian with your hosts.
  • You are getting two meals a day.
  • It's easy to make new friends.
  • You can always get help.
  • It is cheap.
  • You are living with other people and so you have to mind their interests (make no noise at night, don't get drunk, don't bring any strangers along with you without your host's content etc). Please, be polite and friendly.
2. Staying in a Separate Apartment

Would you like to stay on your own but still enjoy homely atmosphere? A separate apartment with all the conveniences is at your disposal for your entire stay in St. Petersburg.

  • You can be fully independent and live according to your own schedule.
  • You will have a limited opportunity to communicate in Russian.
  • You will have to solve some problems by yourself.
3. Staying at a Hotel

Would you like to stay at a hotel? You can choose a relatively inexpensive room with minimum service or a fancy VIP suite at one of the best hotels in the very centre of St. Petersburg. We will book the room for you and take all your wishes into account.

  • The most comfortable accommodation, especially in a 5-star hotel room.
  • It will be very hard for you to fully emerge in Russian atmosphere.
  • The only opportunity to practice your Russian will probably be talking to the porter.
  • It is expensive
Invitation | Transfer | Accomodation
Cultural programme
Russia on the Inside

Living with a Russian family you can learn many interesting facts about life in Russia, about everyday life, culture, politics, likes and dislikes, traditions, food and much much more. Don't miss the opportunity.


If you could not find common grounds with your hosts (which is next to impossible), please inform our Office. You can change the family you are staying at with during the first five days of your stay.


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