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Our students Basic services provided by our School include:

  1. Invitation and registration. We will send you an official invitation to Russia and when you come over we will register your stay in St. Petersburg.
  2. Transfer. Our staff will be meeting you at the airport or a railway station and take you to the place you'll be staying. When you have finished your studies in St. Petersburg we will take you to the airport or the railway station and see you off.
  3. Staying with a family or in a hotel. Before coming to Russia please specify in advance what kind of accommodation you choose for your stay in St. Petersburg. We will select a family for you to stay with or book a hotel room for you.
  4. Education. Group studies or individual tuition with experienced teachers using intensive communicational methods.
  5. Textbooks and certificates. We provide our students with all the materials necessary for their studies and issue them with a certificate on completion of our course.
  6. Cultural program. You will be seeing the most beautiful places in our city, visiting the museums and attending theatre performances.

All the above services have to be ordered in a single package and paid for in advance. For prices please look here.


In our School you can get free access to the Internet that can prove very useful for your e-mail correspondence.


Should you have any questions concerning your stay in St. Petersburg or your studies, never hesitate to ask us and we will surely help you.


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