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Ladies and Gentlemen!

Alphabet Language School offers you courses of Russian as a Foreign Language based on special training programs developed in accordance with the highest standards of state university education.

Our students Our goal is to help foreign students master spoken language skills that will enable them to lead fluent conversation in Russian in various spheres of communication. Apart from individual tuition we offer you group classes that cover five levels from the Beginner's and up to specific courses dedicated to linguistics, culture and other professional fields. At any time you can pass our special training course of Business Russian that will enable you to communicate in business and political circles. Those interested can attend unique master courses dedicated to political science, history of Russian culture, literature, stylistics, mass-media language and a ten-day course of Russian for Tourists. We are sure we will meet communicational needs of every one of our students and offer you to follow the way from being merely able to express your wishes and intentions to speaking fluent Russian.

All of our teachers are experts of highest qualification with years of experience in teaching intensive language courses. All of them have Doctor Degrees in philology and pedagogics and speak foreign languages. They are friendly and understanding people that take pride in the work they do and they will be happy to see you make maximal progress with your studies.

We will be more than happy to greet you here at Alphabet Language School and we will do our best throughout your stay in St. Petersburg to see you not only improve your Russian but gain a unique cultural experience as well.


If you have any questions - never hesitate to ask. We will discuss them in our guestbook.


Studying with Alphabet Language School is not only the classes that you get - you also enjoy our interesting cultural programme.

Our Programmes

The standard communicational situations included in our programs will make it possible for you to communicate in Russian in the street, in public transport, in a shop as well as in many other places. You will become able to make new acquaintances and speak to your Russian friends. Your new reading and audio perceptive skills will enable you to understand the information offered by Russian mass media.


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